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Machining with 3 axes or 5 for your components?

Posted by Axis Precision Engineering Ltd. on 13/10/17 14:42

What is the difference between 3 and 5-axis Machining?

A simple 3 axis milling machine allows a part to be worked in 3 axes (X, Y and Z). These CNC machines work perfectly well and are capable of machining many parts. Problems arise when the part requires deep, narrow pockets. The work becomes very labour intensive and leaves a sub-standard finish.

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Precision Engineering Projects - Without The Frustration, Rejects & Reworking!

Posted by Axis Precision Engineering Ltd. on 28/09/17 09:55

Hands up if your eagerly anticipated batch of parts has ever arrived late. So late that delays further down the line have resulted in penalties. Not a good way for a CNC machining project to pan out!

Ok, now keep those hands up if you've had to rework parts in-house to render them fit for purpose. Or, you've had to return reject components to your supplier?

We know you're bursting with FRUSTRATION on the inside...

If your precision engineering projects always end in a headache, it might be time to change supplier.

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[VIDEO] CNC machining in a single operation

Posted by Axis Precision Engineering Ltd. on 25/09/17 09:03

The video shows CNC machining of an aircraft seat arm, with pockets and thin wall sections. This component was milled from billet to completion in a single operation!

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Working from drawings or 3D CAD Model?

Posted by Axis Precision Engineering Ltd. on 11/09/17 09:27

In a perfect world, everything goes precisely to plan. Your drawings are spot on. The precision engineering company manufacture the parts at a competitive rate. Assembly ensues, the product ships, and it sells.

Wins all round and everybody rejoices! But...

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CNC machines, software and investing for better services

Posted by Axis Precision Engineering Ltd. on 06/09/17 14:19

Precision Engineering has always required investment in the latest technology. The first affordable CNC machines evolved through the 70s, 80s and 90s. Small dedicated computers with paper tape readers morphed into sophisticated 5 axis machines. Technology advanced, spindle speeds increased and the software driving machine accuracy and performance improved.

Nowadays, impossible machining is commonplace and the contribution of sophisticated software is critical for the most efficient methods of manufacture on today's high-end CNC machines. If your supplier isn't investing what are you missing out on?

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Does your precision parts engineering supplier cut the mustard?

Posted by Axis Precision Engineering Ltd. on 01/09/17 11:48

On this Axis blog, we often bang on about the importance of quality - in fact it's point four in our top tips to look for in your chosen supplier.

That's because quality is part and parcel of precision parts engineering. It is something that is woven into the fabric of the way we do business - we insist on engineering your components to the quality required first time! 

Your parts will absolutely, categorically NOT require re-working...

So, when we hear tales of businesses putting up with second best, we find it surprising and rather irritating. It just doesn't make any sense. Does it?

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Why a 3 Axis Mindset for 5 Axis Machining?

Posted by Axis Precision Engineering Ltd. on 24/08/17 17:05

Sadly, all too often 5 axis machining is being done with a 3 axis mindset. It's one thing having modern 5 axis machines in the workshop but quite another to get the most from them.

This blog post explains why this conundrum is happening in many a workshop up and down the country and what to do about it.

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Not all 5 axis CNC machining is made equal!

Posted by Axis Precision Engineering Ltd. on 17/08/17 17:09

Not every engineering workshop has:

This blog post shows you how to recognise a precision engineering company that ticks all the right boxes.

In short, when you're looking for top notch 5 axis CNC machining you need to read this!

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Quality machined parts? 9 things to look for in your next supplier

Posted by Axis Precision Engineering Ltd. on 11/08/17 08:37

When a project requires complex machined parts from an outside supplier, predictable and repeatable results are essential. When tolerances and deadlines are tight, there's no wiggle room for error.

Sadly, mishaps can and do occur but when they happen too often something has to give. A great supplier has the capacity and capability to absorb these mishaps. But finding them can be tricky and getting it wrong can be expensive. It pays to choose wisely!

Searching the internet for great precision engineering suppliers is like wading through a pile of very similar CVs. If every engineering website you look at is saying the same things - ISO approval, years of experience, 5 axis machines - how can you choose who is the best fit for the job?

This blog post outlines nine things to look for that make filtering the engineering wheat from the chaff straightforward. And... look out for the tenth, which really could be the clincher!

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CNC programming - bringing the machines to life

Posted by Axis Precision Engineering Ltd. on 10/08/17 14:38

Obviously, CNC programming is a critical element of precision engineering in the 21st century. At Axis PEC Ltd. quality is a passion, so along with our top of the range DMG 5 axis machines we selected the best CNC software to compliment our hardware!

For us, that means Open Mind hypermill.

The hypermill CAM software allows us to push our CNC machining services to the limit.

It's one thing to have the capacity and another to have the experience but, without the best software, the programming simply cannot happen to the level required. We're dedicated to squeezing every last drop of machining capability from those DMGs!

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