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Precision CNC machining - Quality is in our blood!

Posted by Axis Precision Engineering Ltd. on 31/05/16 22:43
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Axis provide top notch precision CNC machining services with cutting edge capability because we have a passion for quality. But this quality stretches beyond our workshop and top of the range DMG 5 axis machining centres: it's in our blood!

Our passion for quality is in evidence throughout the entire project, right from the moment you speak to us. We're all engineers so you'll be comfortable discussing the ins and outs of your project. And, as engineers, we understand what is critical to a successful project - quality with short lead and turnaround time for a start.

Cheap will not do! Precision CNC machining requires the best quality materials

Cheap materials compromise the completed component and so, when precision counts, cheap is unacceptable.

With over thirty years of experience, we source materials from only the best suppliers throughout the UK and Europe ensuring we get the best price for our clients without affecting quality. Of course, if required full traceability is in place. So it means you don't have to worry about this part of the project, we take care of it for you. As per ISO 9001:2008 we're deeply concerned with quality management and customer satisfaction.

But when materials fail, Axis pull through!

Precision CNC Machined Motor Sport WheelsDespite the best possible materials nothing is perfect. But if the materials fail we're more than capable of sorting out the issues without hiccups for the client. For example, a recent project involved the manufacture of front and rear wheels for a Motorsport client. A small job but one where the precision in precision machining was critical, as was the lead time!

Unfortunately, the first component produced needed to be scrapped during the roughing stage. Aluminium back end defects meant the part warped and cracked. Ouch! This regrettable and potentially serious issue could have been a disaster.

But, without fuss, we replaced the material and got on with the job of manufacturing the components. We were able to fulfil the project to required CAD standards without the customer being affected. The job was completed and delivered on time as promised. How's that for a hassle-free engineering project!

When quality counts look for precision engineering in the name!

For Axis Precision Engineering Components Ltd. the clue is in the title, in the words precision and engineering. It's so much more than engineering to the highest standards on top of the range 5 axis CNC machines, using the best complimentary CAM software to ensure we push that kit to the limit. That quality is endemic throughout the entire project, from start to finish.

As you can see, quality is as important to us as it is to you. But how, exactly, does that work from start to finish throughout a project?

Well, to get an idea of what partnering us looks like, we have a short case study ready for you to download in a couple of clicks. So please go ahead and read through it at your leisure and get a feel for how quality really is our passion and runs through our veins.

reinventing the wheel - precision engineering case study

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