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How Great Precision Engineers Make It Easy For You To Request A Quote

Posted by Axis Precision Engineering Components Ltd. on 07/12/18 17:00

There are hundreds of precision engineering companies across the UK ready to quote for your project.

Here's a quick run down of how great precision engineers should offer you a quote. It's an indication of how the project will run and ultimately how successful it will be.

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The trouble with machining aluminium..?

Posted by Axis Precision Engineering Components Ltd. on 30/11/18 16:32

We received a website enquiry and RFQ from a business having problems with their current supplier. In this case, the supplier was having trouble machining a complex aluminium part.

Of course, at Axis PEC Ltd. aluminium machining complex parts is a straight forward, everyday task. However, there are a number of pitfalls a less experienced engineering company could have trouble with.

This post highlights three ways your current supplier could be struggling and a quick way to decide what you should do about it! Read on to find out.

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Making The Delivery Date - Why Your Supplier Needs QE To Get D!

Posted by Axis Precision Engineering Components Ltd. on 23/11/18 17:28

We're about to let you in on a little secret that millions of buyers, across the country don't seem to know yet...

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Quality Control Checks for Quality Components

Posted by Axis Precision Engineering Components Ltd. on 16/11/18 17:01

Precision engineering, by definition, requires the completed part to match the design drawings precisely. If the part is out it won't work properly in the final product. That means re-working and delays!

At Axis, our full time Quality Manager, John Walters, is on hand to ensure sufficient quality control throughout a project. We pride ourselves on a quality service from start to finish. Without quality control checks performed during manufacture the finished parts are unlikely to be of the requisite standard.

We don't like that... because we know you won't like it.

This blog post outlines an example of how well-planned quality control saved a recent project.

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Not all 5 axis CNC machining is made equal!

Posted by Axis Precision Engineering Components Ltd. on 09/11/18 15:40

Not every engineering workshop has:

This blog post shows you how to recognise a precision engineering company that ticks all the right boxes.

In short, when you're looking for top notch 5 axis CNC machining you need to read this!

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How Many Operations? 3 And 5 Axis CNC Machining head-to-head

Posted by Axis Precision Engineering Components Ltd. on 02/11/18 13:19

You've probably heard it before - and on more than one occasion.

My 3 axis CNC milling machine can do the same job as your 5 axis machine. 

Hmm, perhaps. But it depends...

... there are advantages to using a 5 axis CNC machine for complex components. This post describes a head to head comparison for a specific precision engineering project and reveals how the performance advantages of 5 axis machines benefit YOU the customer.

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Your Dream CNC Machine Shop

Posted by Axis Precision Engineering Components Ltd. on 26/10/18 13:28

Ask any manufacturer across the world "what are the attributes you require from your precision engineering supplier?" and you'll get a range of answers.

But if you boil those responses down they can be summed up in three simple letters: QED – Quality, Expertise and Delivery on time.

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CNC machines, software and investing for better services

Posted by Axis Precision Engineering Components Ltd. on 19/10/18 14:19

Precision Engineering has always required investment in the latest technology. The first affordable CNC machines evolved through the 70s, 80s and 90s. Small dedicated computers with paper tape readers morphed into sophisticated 5 axis machines. Technology advanced, spindle speeds increased and the software driving machine accuracy and performance improved.

Nowadays, impossible machining is commonplace and the contribution of sophisticated software is critical for the most efficient methods of manufacture on today's high-end CNC machines. If your supplier isn't investing, what are you missing out on?

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Does your precision parts engineering supplier cut the mustard?

Posted by Axis Precision Engineering Components Ltd. on 12/10/18 16:19

On this Axis blog, we often bang on about the importance of quality - in fact it's point four in our top tips to look for in your chosen supplier.

That's because quality is part and parcel of precision parts engineering. It is something that is woven into the fabric of the way we do business - we insist on engineering your components to the quality required first time! 

Your parts will absolutely, categorically NOT require re-working...

So, when we hear tales of businesses putting up with second best, we find it surprising and rather irritating. It just doesn't make any sense. Does it?

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5 Things Your Engineering Workshop Must Have To Deliver Quality Components Right First Time

Posted by Axis Precision Engineering Components Ltd. on 05/10/18 14:36

Receiving incorrect components is frustrating, time consuming and expensive. 

Poor parts add to stress levels, contribute to missed deadlines and can tip you over budget! All re-working is added cost, because time is money! And... it can mean penalties down the line, which is not what you want at all!

So, what would right first time mean to your business?

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