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Your Dream CNC Machine Shop

Posted by Axis Precision Engineering Ltd. on 11/12/17 16:58

Ask any manufacturer across the world "what are the attributes you require from your precision engineering supplier?" and you'll get a range of answers.

But if you boil those responses down they can be summed up in three simple letters: QED – Quality, Expertise and Delivery on time.

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3 Critical Things To Look For In Your CNC Machining Supplier

Posted by Axis Precision Engineering Ltd. on 04/12/17 10:14

Finding the CNC Machining supplier that gives you what you want is no easy task. It's critical your complex components are made to spec and delivered on time. But not everyone can manage that!

You want to find a supplier who:

  • constantly reinvests capital into the latest manufacturing machinery and software;
  • hires and retains experienced engineers who speak your language; and
  • uses the right tool for the job.

This blog post reveals three critical things to look for so you choose the ideal CNC machine shop to partner with. It is, of course, a critical business decision because the right workshop will protect your precious margins!

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What 30 Years of Engineering Experience Means

Posted by Axis Precision Engineering Ltd. on 24/11/17 09:12

Established in 1985, Axis Precision Engineering have over 30 years of engineering experience and expertise. Honed across the decades, this ensures we know what we're doing and we fulfil on the two most important things our clients demand. 

Components that are:

  • machined to the standard required; and
  • delivered on time!

Not every engineering company can manage these simple but critical outcomes again and again. Read on to see how engineering experience and expertise counts...

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Key considerations when choosing the right CNC machining service

Posted by Axis Precision Engineering Ltd. on 20/11/17 09:03

The challenge of finding reliable CNC machining services may seem daunting. Even seasoned design engineers make mistakes because...

Not all CNC machining companies are created equal!

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Quality Control Checks for Quality Components

Posted by Axis Precision Engineering Ltd. on 10/11/17 17:01

Precision engineering, by definition, requires the completed part to match the design drawings precisely. If the part is out it won't work properly in the final product. That means re-working and delays!

At Axis, our full time Quality Manager, John Walters is on hand to ensure sufficient quality control throughout a project. We pride ourselves on a quality service from start to finish. Without quality control checks performed during manufacture the finished parts are unlikely to be of the requisite standard.

We don't like that... because we know you won't like it.

This blog post outlines an example of how well-planned quality control saved a recent project.

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The trouble with machining aluminium..?

Posted by Axis Precision Engineering Ltd. on 03/11/17 16:32

We received a website enquiry and RFQ from a business having problems with their current supplier. In this case, the supplier was having trouble machining a complex aluminium part.

Of course, at Axis PEC Ltd. aluminium machining complex parts is a straight forward, everyday task. However, there are a number of pitfalls a less experienced engineering company could have trouble with.

This post highlights three ways your current supplier could be struggling and a quick way to decide what you should do about it! Read on to find out.

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CNC Machining Or 3D Printing

Posted by Axis Precision Engineering Ltd. on 30/10/17 20:57

While manufacturers use both computer numerical control (CNC) machining and 3D printing to produce prototypes and production parts, the two methods work in completely different ways.

Despite being an older technique, continued innovations - such as 5 axis machining - have kept CNC machining the dominant force in the machining industry.

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Hassle free projects? All CNC services in one shop

Posted by Axis Precision Engineering Ltd. on 27/10/17 16:48

All CNC Services to an exceptional standard under one roof... because quality is in our blood!

Imagine how convenient it would be to hand over your entire project, so you don't have to worry about anything.

Imagine if you had all the CNC services you need at your disposal. And all of the logistics of those services were taken care of for you. How handy would it be to have the CNC milling, turning and inspection in the same workshop.

So the complete job is taken care of for you. All you need to do is talk to one project manager to get the delivery date. Then, send your files over and let the magic happen...

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Find a quality precision engineering partner - your dream CNC workshop

Posted by Axis Precision Engineering Ltd. on 20/10/17 12:41

When tolerances are tight, your complex components must be engineered exactly to the drawing specifications.

But when the parts you receive aren't made to the quality or spec required, costs, inevitably, go up. Rejects and reworking incur a significant time and financial cost to fix, meaning production may even be halted.

And that is frustrating for everyone…

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Machining with 3 axes or 5 for your components?

Posted by Axis Precision Engineering Ltd. on 13/10/17 14:42

What is the difference between 3 and 5-axis Machining?

A simple 3 axis milling machine allows a part to be worked in 3 axes (X, Y and Z). These CNC machines work perfectly well and are capable of machining many parts. Problems arise when the part requires deep, narrow pockets. The work becomes very labour intensive and leaves a sub-standard finish.

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