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The Importance of Delivery on Time in Engineering

Posted by Axis Precision Engineering Ltd. on 03/03/18 09:52

 The slightest mistake during a precision engineering project can delay the delivery date severely. If certain processes are not followed, the whole system collapses.

Waiting for a delivery of components that has passed the agreed delivery date can feel like being on an organ donation list, being booked in for a surgery and then being told you need to wait another week, month or longer! Frustrating!

Bad suppliers who don't respect your lead time might brush a late delivery off as a minor inconvenience... but we know that consistently late deliveries can mean the difference between life and death for smaller businesses.

So, to put the importance of delivery on time into perspective, let's compare each stage of our precision engineering process to an organ donation!

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7 Ways To Get Components Right & Deliveries ON TIME

Posted by Axis Precision Engineering Ltd. on 08/08/17 15:37

It's critical to get your components finished and delivered on time. But quality should not be compromised for the sake of a timely delivery. That's just daft, if a part is not right first time, there's a heap of hidden costs to be overcome.

The right supplier must have the capacity and capability to deliver (on time) but also the experience and expertise to complete the job to the required standard. Add a poor programmer into the mix and...

The result will be an unsatisfactory component or deadline missed through delays. Choose the wrong supplier and this scenario, or similar, will be repeated, time after time... So the easiest way to improve supplier delivery performance is to choose the right one.

It's not a cop-out, honest. This post suggests 7 attributes to look for to help you get that choice right and improve supplier delivery performance.

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Precision Engineers You Can Trust. What Are You Waiting For?

Posted by Axis Precision Engineering Ltd. on 12/04/17 12:07

An interesting quote by Bruno Walters, a German pianist and composer, which sheds light on a common dilemma in the engineering world...

"By concentrating on precision, one arrives at technique. But by concentrating on technique, one does not arrive at precision."
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Making The Delivery Date - Why Your Supplier Needs QE To Get D!

Posted by Axis Precision Engineering Ltd. on 20/02/17 09:08

We're about to let you in on a little secret that millions of buyers, across the country don't seem to know yet...

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What To Do About Late Engineering Deliveries

Posted by Axis Precision Engineering Ltd. on 03/02/17 16:38

Here's the scenario.

You've had a great end to 2016 and this year has begun well too. You're working to capacity and orders are being fulfilled. 

So you're relying on your suppliers to get your components to you on time.

Your outsourcers have promised that your components will be manufactured to the required standard and delivered to you on time. There's ample time to assemble the parts and make YOUR deadline.

You've factored in sufficient wiggle room. Enough to account for a breakdown here and there or a late delivery even.

But what if...

What happens, if a particular supplier starts to get a little too unreliable? Too many late engineering deliveries can mess up even the best laid plans AND could lead to penalties downstream.

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